Corochinato Asinello, Genoese aperitif 1 litre

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The most classic of Genoese aperitifs, the Corochinato Asinello is a flavoured vermouth-like wine to be enjoyed neat and cold, with lemon zest in the glass, while eating a nice strip of focaccia. Its flavour has accompanied the evenings in the alleys of generations of Genoese.

It is made from an infusion of 18 herbs combined with white wine, alcohol and sugar.

Corochinato is a wine that can also be used as a base for cocktails and drinks: in fact, lately in Genoa it can be found in the city's bars served as a spritz together with prosecco and a slice of orange. 

The name comes from the contraction between Coronata (the district where Corochinato was born) and chinato (cinchona bark is one of the ingredients of the infusion)

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Corochinato is the classic Genoese aperitif: the most authentic aperitif you can drink in Genoa's alley bars. It is also known as 'Asinello' (donkey), the animal depicted on the historic label while, laden with bottles, it accompanies Paciugo, a traditional Genoese mask and famous character from one of the oldest local folk legends.

The story of Paciugo is connected to the Genoese district of Coronata, and its sanctuary, and it was in Coronata that Corochinato was born: in fact, its name is composed of 'Coro' (Coronata) and 'chinato' (being a wine aromatised with an infusion of cinchona); moreover, in the beginning, the wine used for the production of Corochinato was the white wine of Coronata. 

The flavour of the aperitif Corochinato 'Asinello' is typical of aromatised, vermouth-type wines, which goes very well with the pungent, fresh tones of citrus fruits.

How do you drink Corochinato?

You can drink Corochinato simply straight, cold and with a twist of lemon, while enjoying it as an aperitif with a nice strip of focaccia genovese.

In addition to drinking it in its classic version, in recent years it has become very popular in the city to use Corochinato to prepare a spritz: the recipe is simple, all you need is 30 ml of Corochinato, 50 ml of prosecco, some ice and a citrus note, which can be a few drops of lemon juice or a slice of orange.

In summer it is great for making an original sangria. Corochinato with its aromaticity is also an excellent base for cocktails, to be served in drinks with vermouth wine. Perfect alternative to gin in the Negroni. Vini Allara, producers of the Asinello, also recommend trying it with grappa or pastis.

The ingredients of Corochinato

The basic ingredients of Corochinato are 18 selected herbs (from which an infusion is made), white wine, alcohol and sugar. The recipe used has been the same since 1886 for this vermouth-style aromatised wine. 

It starts with cold infusion of herbs, berries and other aromatic plants, including cinchona bark (which gives the wine its name), thyme, rhubarb, gentian, oregano and thistle. Two different types of absinthe are used to give the characteristic aroma. 

To extract the active and aromatic principles of these herbs, the mixture is macerated for 60 days. Then once the infusion is obtained, it is left to refine for 6 months. At this point it is ready and can be added to white wine previously fortified to 16/17° and sweetened (200 grams of sugar per litre).

Corochinato for cooking

In addition to being the typical Genoese aperitif, Corochinato is an excellent ingredient for cooking, especially for pastries. It is ideal as an alcoholic wetting agent for soaking cakes and pastries, such as homemade babà. In leavened cakes, flavouring dried fruit such as rasins left to macerate in Corochinato, or to flavour cream for filling. Perfect for making sorbets and ice creams, especially of citrus fruits, e.g. chinotto di Savona. Recommended for flavouring fruit, from fruit salads to fruit cooked in wine.

Who makes Corochinato

Corochinato is now a true Genoese speciality, a gastronomic symbol of the city, with more than a hundred years of history, having been created back in 1886 by the Marenco company of Coronata. Today it is owned by Vini Allara, which has relaunched the brand.

The Allara family came from Piedmont, where Francesco opened a wine shop in Vercelli at the beginning of the 20th century. He moved with the business to Genoa Cornigliano to follow his love, as Genoa is his wife's home town. His son Renzo then took over the bottiglieria to which he also added the wholesale wine trade. Later, in the 1960s, the family moved to Genoa Prà, where they still run their wine shop and follow the production and distribution of Corochinato Asinello.

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