Panificio Maccarini

Panificio Maccarini

As far back as 1885, the Maccarinis opened their bakery in San Rocco di Camogli (a hamlet on the Portofino promontory), which served as both the village's bakery and food shop. 

In 1951 Mario Maccarini, also known as the 'Gallettiere' for his 'gallette del marinaio' (sailor's biscuits), transformed his bakery, giving greater importance to the production of this typical Ligurian speciality, which then became the symbol of this bakery. When you talk about 'gallette del marinaio' (sailor's biscuits), you cannot fail to mention the Maccarini bakery because it remained one of the last to prepare them in the traditional way, as they used to be made, by hand one by one.

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