Panificio Carrosio Luca

Panificio Carrosio Luca

A historic bakery in Voltaggio, here Luigia Cavo's grandchildren continue the tradition of her soft macaroons, invented in 1899 and which over time have become a true local speciality. 

Even today, these pastries are made by the Panificio Carrosio according to the original recipe, using quality raw materials (for example, the dough includes sweet almonds, which are better than Armellino almonds) and still doing everything by hand. In fact, making the soft macaroons requires special care, especially when they are to be placed in the baking tin; this is when the typical pinch is made with three fingers to give them their characteristic shape, which also allows them to be baked properly. 

Although the municipality of Voltaggio is in Piedmont, it has always been part of the cultural area of Genoa.

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