A behind-the-scenes look at our e-commerce

Molo modo21 allows you to buy typical Ligurian products online and have them delivered to your home wherever you are, in Italy and Europe.
This project, however, also stems from the desire to join forces with the many realities of Liguria that in the most diverse fields: a circular project, of which e-commerce is only one of the points of contact, and which goes beyond the simple promotion of typical Ligurian dishes but which sets in motion the living energies of the territory, because one of the inspirational values of "modo21"-our way of being-is found precisely in the word TEAM or "team," but wanting, also an acronym for "Together Everyone Achieves More."


Read and experience the Liguria!

A space dedicated to Liguria at 360°.
Designed for those hungry for content to read, those who want to discover the region and those who want to try their hand at Ligurian cuisine. There are six thematic areas: Itineraries and Places (what to see in Genoa and Liguria); Food and Recipes (typical Ligurian dishes but not only); Vacations in Liguria (information to plan your visit); The Maps (discover Genoa and Liguria at a glance); Stories from the Territory (knowledge and flavors born in Genoa and Liguria); and The universe of modo21 (to stay up-to-date on what we do).

THE TRATTORIA Cavour modo21

Our heart. Where everything comes from.

In this real Trattoria Genovese the absolute protagonists are pesto and the cooking of typical Ligurian dishes in their most popular version, a proposal also greatly appreciated by the Genoese themselves who visit us every day for their lunch break or dinner: it is something that makes us proud, that it is precisely our fellow citizens who are the first to choose us, a proof of the quality we serve, also certified by Tripadvisor, which has included in 2020 Trattoria Cavour modo21 in the 10% of the best restaurants in the world! Thanks to the e-commerce of Molo modo21, you can also enjoy at home the specialties tasted at the table of our trattoria.


We have chosen to work closely with the people here, from small Ligurian producers down to the individual tour guide who takes tourists around to visit Genoa, because we believe in the value of sharing and are convinced that by teaming up we create more opportunities for everyone.


Tied to the land, not just in words...

"We are an e-commerce linked to the territory, blah, blah, blah.... " is a phrase you've probably read hundreds of times before, but in our case it's true because, unlike others, we go outside the Internet and you can find us in the city and throughout the region, and not only in our trattoria Cavour modo21 but also at the many realities that with their work promote local excellence in various ways and that collaborate with us, to make those who come to Genoa and Liguria live a complete experience from their arrival, during their visit and then also when they return home, whether they reside in Italy or Europe.
E-commerce and online thus become the added value of the area.


Who makes the good things you eat.

We have selected small Ligurian producers and symbolic companies of our territory to let you taste wherever you are the gastronomic specialties of Liguria that you love most and give you the opportunity to have at home the right ingredients to prepare typical Ligurian dishes even if you are far from Genoa. Browsing on the Genoese e-commerce Molo modo21 you have the chance to rediscover the flavors of your memories and the opportunity to always discover new tastes because Liguria is a territory of multiple gastronomic cultures and even just passing from one country to another country cuisines and recipes are constantly changing.


Do you have a business related to Liguria and like our project? Let's hear from you! We are always open to new collaborations with Ligurian realities that want to grow together with us: small producers, agritourisms, B&Bs, and any other activity that through its work proposes a local experience (gastronomic, cultural or touristic) and promotes the territory.
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If you have a business and want to make your Ligurian products known, we recommend that you attach a file with a presentation of your reality and what you produce when you send your first message.