Aniseed Shortbread 200g
Aniseed Shortbread 200g
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  • Aniseed Shortbread 200g
  • Aniseed Shortbread 200g

Aniseed Shortbread 200g

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Elegantly flavoured shortbread, these 'Fior di anice' biscuits combine the delicate balsamic aroma of the anise plant with the fragrance of butter.

They are sure to please lovers of 'anicini', the typical Genoese biscuits. They are ideal as a dessert at the end of a meal or as pastries for a light snack to accompany a cup of tea or herbal tea. In summer they can also be served with a fior di latte cream ice cream because these aniseed biscuits go well with the fresh note they release on the palate and their fragrance. They also make excellent breakfast biscuits, paired with low-fat yoghurt.

The taste is clean and leaves you with a pleasant serenity after tasting, like those gentle breezes that cool you in the shade on an early June afternoon.

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These aniseed biscuits are fresh and refined, buttery shortbread biscuits in which the characteristic fragrance of the oven is combined with the balsamic yet delicate aromaticity of the anise plant. Tasting them brings to mind the clarity of white: a snowy flavour that slowly warms but still gives us a cooling sensation.

They are light and crumbly shortbread biscuits, perfect for the end of a meal to be brought to the table with coffee; if, on the other hand, you prefer to offer them as a snack, they go wonderfully with tea and herbal teas. Their freshness also makes them excellent with yoghurt or ice cream. They satisfy immediately, but without stewing.

Anise has always been used in cooking for its taste and digestive properties: the list of liqueurs that include it as an ingredient is very long (absinthe, ouzo, pastis, sambuca, etc.) as well as in confectionery. We know as 'aniseed' several plants that at a botanical level are not actually related, however it has become common usage to use the same name because they share the aroma which is almost identical. In Genoa there are similar aniseed biscuits called 'anicini' to testify to the typicality of this flavour.

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Size and weight 200 g
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