Fresh Trofie and Pesto (x2 meals)

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Ideal for two servings or two meals.

This makes it easier to enjoy the true classic of Genoese dishes! With just one click you receive at home a 400 gram packet of fresh trofie pasta and two 80 gram jars of fresh Genoese pesto produced by Trattoria Cavour modo21.

Quick and easy preparation, just cook the pasta and season: in just a few minutes you can enjoy a recipe with an authentic flavour as if you were here in Genoa at our trattoria but with all the comfort of your own home. Please note that Genoese pesto does not need to be cooked, but as it is a cold sauce, it is used to season raw (at most you can decide to add a little cooking water to the pasta to make the sauce creamier).

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This proposal of fresh trofiette pasta and pesto genovese is our dinner-saving idea for two people or as a recipe to eat twice.

How to prepare our trofiette pasta with pesto genovese

The dish is easy to prepare, simply cook the trofiette genovese for a few minutes in plenty of salted water and then season with pesto; the mistake not to make with pesto genovese is to heat it up or cook it because as it is a ready-made cold sauce it doesn't need it: the only thing allowed with pesto genovese that doesn't spoil the flavour of the basil (a herb that suffers from heat) is the addition of the cooking water in the dish to stretch the sauce and make it even creamier.

The same quality you taste in a typical Genoese trattoria

The pesto you get at home is the same pesto we serve every day in our Trattoria Cavour modo21, which is located in the heart of the old city, in the Molo district: our trattoria is frequented at lunch and dinner by many Genoese people, an excellent proof of the quality of our pesto, which is prepared according to the family recipe handed down to us by Signora Alfonsina, the oldest world champion of pesto al mortaio.

How much fresh trofie per person

The portions we have calculated are quite generous (yes, let's disprove the stereotype of the stingy Genoese) and you end up with two plates full of trofie with pesto: taking the usual 80 grams of dry pasta as a reference, we usually estimate 150 grams of fresh pasta (not stuffed) per person to be seasoned with about 60 grams of pesto; we send home 400 grams of fresh trofie and 160 grams of Genoese pesto (in two jars, so you save freshness).

A curiosity about Genoese trofie with pesto

Trofie pasta with pesto has become world-famous in recent years, always mentioned in the charts of recipes to try at least once in a lifetime. It is curious that until a few decades ago, this pasta format was not even known in the rest of the region, outside the province of Genoa, and remained a home-made product made in the family.

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Size and weight 400 g
Servings 2 meals
Convenience Dinner savers
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