Pansoti (Ligurian vegetable ravioli) 1kg

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Some make them triangular and some crescent-shaped, we prefer our pansoti in their larger, very pot-bellied cappelletto form (which also makes sense given the name 'panzarotti'). In all cases, however, it is pasta stuffed lean - i.e. with herbs and cheese inside - which must be dressed with walnut sauce, the typical Genoese sauce made from walnuts, garlic, bread soaked in milk and marjoram (if by chance you can't eat walnuts then pansoti can also be dressed with butter and sage).

The recommended portions of pansoti are about 200 grams per person.

Since they are fresh pasta, you can also freeze them (still raw), but only after placing them in the freezer well apart from each other.

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Try the real pansoti genovesi at home! You can enjoy this traditional fresh filled pasta thanks to our delivery service throughout Italy and Europe. In our online store you will also find its classic condiment, walnut sauce.

What pansoti are and how they are made

Pansoti is a typical Ligurian filled pasta that differs from other ravioli or tortelli in size (generally larger) and their characteristic belly shape, from which some derive their name ('panzarotti' in Italian). If you've read 'pansotti' somewhere else and have come to doubt that it is another type of pasta, we'll tell you straight away that there is no difference and it is just another spelling. 

The pastry is egg-free. The filling must always be made with herbs (e.g. Swiss chard) and fresh cheese as it is a low-fat recipe: the herbs in the case may vary according to the seasonality and availability of the local product, for example in some versions the filling is with a mixture of wild herbs - including borage - also known as preboggion.

How to season pansoti

The one and only condiment accepted for pansoti is walnut sauce. In ancient times, this sauce was prepared by crushing the cleaned kernels (blanched in water and skinned by hand) in a marble mortar with oil, garlic, bread soaked in milk and salt; there may also be an aromatic note from fresh marjoram. For those who are allergic to nuts or dried fruit in general, pansoti can also be served seasoned with simple butter and sage, which respects the tradition of low-fat cooking. Grated cheese can be added as desired. The walnut sauce is a raw condiment that should be added directly to the dish and does not need to be cooked or pan-fried with the pasta. At most, you can decide to dilute the sauce with a little cooking water or fresh curd cheese (prescinseua).

How much pasta per person and how long they cook

Like all filled pasta, the portion size per person is at least 200 grams. Cooking in plenty of boiling salted water is short, when they rise to the surface calculate just a few minutes (maximum three or four).

To prevent the pansoti from sticking together while they are cooking, we'll tell you a trick: when you throw them away, add a tablespoon of oil to the boiling water!

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