Savona chinotto jam (Slow Food Presidia) 220g

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A rare and precious citrus fruit, the Savona chinotto is an exclusive fruit of the Riviera di Ponente. It is assumed that it arrived on the Ligurian coast thanks to a navigator from Savona who transported it from China in the 16th century: in Liguria, the chinotto has found its habitat and developed new characteristics, improving its organoleptic qualities.

It is a very fragrant and aromatic citrus fruit, with particular bitter notes that make it an ideal fruit to be processed in candied form, in syrup or as jam, whose sugary flavour blends perfectly with the natural bitterness of chinotto.

The Dalpian farm grows its citrus fruit on its own land in Albissola Marina. These are jams made only from fruit and sugar, with no thickeners or preservatives.

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Chinotto di Savona marmalade is made with the typical citrus fruit of western Liguria, a historical cultivar of the area, which arrived from China in the 16th century (it is said that it was a navigator from Savona who imported it from the East), then over time on the coast of the Riviera it was able to improve its original organoleptic characteristics thanks to the optimal environmental conditions: in fact, Liguria has always been a land of citrus fruits due to its climate, with cultivations of oranges, citrons and lemons, which were among the most sought-after products abroad for their quality. The area between Varazze and Pietra Ligure remains the only one where this variety is still cultivated, with only a few producers still keeping the Savona chinotto tradition alive.

Dalpian turns its chinottos, which grow on the land the farm owns in Albissola Marina, a town on the Riviera di Ponente, into jam. Here, Dalpian grows its citrus fruits naturally, avoiding the use of any chemical aids but relying only on the unique microclimate that characterises the place and makes this area so suitable for growing citrus fruits. 

The unique flavour of chinotto makes it particularly suitable for use in very sugary preparations such as candied fruit, fruit in syrup and jams: the sweetness is beautifully balanced against the naturally bitter notes of chinotto. The fruit is used whole and its aromatic and fragrant skin is prized for its digestive qualities.

Chinotto marmalade is suitable for accompanying your cheese board, we especially recommend pairing with mature cheeses. It is a very fragrant and tasty jam that also goes well with the fresh flavours of yoghurt and ice cream; also excellent with chocolate. Given its great aromatic strength, a few teaspoons will be enough to give a lot of flavour to your cakes and desserts.

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