Valleggia apricot compote '100% fruit' 200g

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The Valleggia apricot is an indigenous cultivar of western Liguria, characteristic of the area from the Finalese to the Varazzino area, at least since 1800, the period in which the first written records date back, texts describing agricultural production in the Savona area praising the exquisiteness of the area's apricots.

The fruits of this plant are small and, precisely for this reason, in their soft, firm flesh they concentrate all their naturally sweet flavour, being more aromatic and fragrant than other varieties on the market.

The Valleggia apricot compote is perfect for breakfast and brunch.

The compotes from the Dalpian farm are 100 per cent fruit, nothing else needs to be added, just well-ripened fruit cooked in small pots.

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Valleggia apricot compote made solely from the local ripe fruit, without adding anything, sugar or anything else. This is how the unique characteristics of this indigenous Savona variety, named after the locality where production is most concentrated, Valleggia in the municipality of Quiliano, stand out.

The fruit of the Valleggia apricot is characterised by its firm and soft pulp, very sweet (which is why when ripe there is no need to add sugar) with delicate aromatic notes that make it a very fragrant fruit.

A 100% fruit compote to be enjoyed au naturel to fully savour how special the Valleggia apricot is.

In the months of June and July, the Valleggia apricot colours the coastline from Finale to Varazze with its soft orange peel speckled with bright brick-red. These apricots can also be found inland up to 300 metres above sea level: at one time it was also exported abroad, but was hit by a severe crisis at the end of the last century.

The apricot is a very ancient fruit - already known in China 4000 years ago - that arrived in Italy with the Romans after being imported from the East by Alexander the Great. The earliest written evidence we have of the Valeggia apricot dates back to the early 1800s when, in a report by the local prefect, apricots were mentioned among the best productions in the Savona area. According to the locals, the birth of the cultivation of this variety came about quite by chance with the arrival of seeds from the East in the port of Savona and then spread spontaneously in the area, encouraged by the custom of the time of leaving leftover food in the fields.

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