Pernambucco orange compote "100% fruit" 200g

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The Pernambucco oranges from which this compote is made are cultivated by the Dalpian farm itself on their land in Albissola Marina, on the Riviera di Ponente: here, the proprietary citrus groves are cared for in the traditional way, without the use of chemicals; the favourable local microclimate favours natural cultivation.

The Pernambucco orange is one of Liguria's historical local cultivars. The region has a long tradition in the cultivation of citrus fruit, which, until the end of the 18th century, was one of the products most exported by the Republic of Genoa, which traded canned citrus fruit to northern Europe.

Pernambucco oranges are very fragrant fruits, with an aromatic and sweet juice with a pleasant final sour note.

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The Pernambucco orange compote is made from a local variety of Washington Navel orange - typical of the Riviera di Ponente - which is grown directly by the Dalpian company in their own citrus groves in Albissola Marina. The ripe fruits are then harvested and cooked in small pots to concentrate all the flavour, without adding sugar, and create a fragrant and naturally sweet compote.

The special microclimate that characterises the area allows the farm to grow its oranges naturally, without having to resort to chemical products (neither for fertilisation nor for tree care).

The Pernambucco orange is a fruit rich in essential oils that make it very fragrant, and the flavour is extremely sweet with a pleasant acidity. All these qualities can be found in the Dalpian compote, which is perfect for breakfast, even if only spread on a simple slice of toast.

There are no clear accounts of how and when this indigenous cultivar arrived in western Liguria, and there are those who claim that this variety was imported by a Ligurian sailor from the Brazilian region of Pernambucco what is certain is that the cultivation of citrus fruits (orange, citron and lemon) was widespread during the Republic of Genoa - especially in the Ponente, but there were also cultivations in the capital, as far as Nervi - and this production represented one of the most important assets in trade with northern Europe until the end of the 18th century: Citrus fruits were sold canned after being cooked in their own juice, a recipe taken from Arab cuisine (similarly, the Genoese were inspired by another Arab technique to create the great tradition of candied fruit).

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