Fresh tomato sauce with basil 250g

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This is a fresh sauce!

Tomato sauce is one of the classic products of Italian cuisine, used as a condiment for pasta dishes. A simple preparation that over time has had many regional evolutions. The version originated in Liguria takes its cue from the typical recipe of the Centre-North: the sauce is prepared with a sauté of carrot, onion and celery, to which crushed tomatoes are added and the preparation is cooked by boiling, for better preservation.

The local variant used by modo21 to prepare the sauce involves removing the celery from the sauté and adding basil to give the sauce the unmistakable fragrance of our land.

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Fresh tomato sauce with basil is the Italian pasta sauce par excellence. As simple as it is tasty, the flavour of this sauce combines all the rusticity of the tomato with the natural aromaticity of basil: it is a ready-made sauce that can be used to season a wide variety of pasta shapes, from short dry pasta to filled ravioli; it is thus confirmed as a simple yet versatile condiment that goes well with everything and on every occasion. We recommend trying it with fresh potato gnocchi, with a generous sprinkling of grated cheese.

But what is the difference between tomato sauce, tomato puree and tomato pulp?

The basic preparation, the less processed one, is the pulp, which is produced by peeling and cutting the fresh tomato when it is cold and then jarring it still half-ripe with its juice: it is used as a starting ingredient for sauces, together with fish (for soups and guazzetti) or as a raw dressing for bruschetta.

Puree, on the other hand, is always made with fresh tomatoes that are chopped in their juice and then brought to a high temperature; it can be more or less sifted, ranging from the most rustic purees to velvety ones. It retains all the flavours and aromas of the fresh tomato.

The sauce at its base has the soffritto to which the already processed tomato is added later: it is certainly a tastier preparation that is perfect as a ready-made condiment.

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Size and weight 250 g
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3 meals
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