Pandolce basso with olive oil (cake) 500g

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Pandolce basso with olive oil and no butter.

The ingredients change but the quality of tradition remains the same!

The perfect pandolce for those who do not want to eat cakes with lactose and who are looking for a lighter low pandolce.

Pandolce dolce is a shortcrust pastry cake, crumbly and compact that you can break with your hands, very fragrant and fragrant due to the presence of candied citrus fruits (orange and citron), marsala, pine nuts and sultanas in the soft dough. Pandolce is the classic Genoese Christmas cake that has a long history from simple bread enriched with dried fruit in medieval times to becoming a pastry speciality in modern times, with the creation of the two versions, high / alto (old recipe) and low / basso (new recipe).

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The recipe for this pandolce includes the use of olive oil instead of butter: it is therefore a cake without lactose products, so it is perfect for those with an intolerance (we recommend reading the label for more information, however).

The typical pandolce genovese can be made in versions, high or low. The high pandolce is a large leavened cake and is the one that most resembles panettone (even though they are two quite different cakes) because the dough is soft and honeycombed; the low pandolce, on the other hand, is more like a shortcrust pastry, the dough rises in less time (and in fact was invented precisely to reduce processing time) and remains crumbly. This olive oil pandolce is a low pandolce.

An excellent dessert for parties and special occasions, and the perfect gift for gluttons and those nostalgic for Genoa. A very fragrant dessert, it pairs well with complex and fragrant wines, meditation wines and passito wines such as the traditional Ligurian sciacchetrà.

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