Sardenaria in jar 250g

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A ready-to-use condiment made with Taggiasca olives, semi-dried tomatoes, garlic, oregano and chopped anchovies, perfect for bruschetta, focaccia, cold pasta and rice salads. Pair with a fresh glass of local white wine, such as a Bianchetta Genovese or a Vermentino.

This jar is a tribute to Sanremo's sardenaria, the ancient red focaccia with anchovies from western Liguria (also known in other areas of the Riviera as Pissalandrea or Pizza all'Andrea).

L'Anciua is the workshop of Michele Senno, one of the last anchovy makers in activity who follows traditional methods of processing anchovies, still done entirely by hand from the cleaning of the fish to its filleting.

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A rich jar full of taggiasca olives, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, oregano and chopped anchovies: the same ingredients that flavour the famous and ancient San Remo red focaccia. A perfect product for seasoning bruschettas, inside sandwiches, on pizza at the end of cooking and creating tasty appetisers! This sardenaria in jars can also be used as a rustic dressing for pasta and rice, even in their summer versions of salads.

L'Anciua is the artisan workshop of Michele Senno, one of the last anchovy makers still in business who follows traditional methods for processing anchovies. Michele has the sea in his blood, he grew up in a family that has always been involved in fishing and the fish trade: he learnt to clean anchovies from an early age when he helped his fisherman grandfather.

What makes L'Anciua's anchovy fillets exceptional, in addition to the excellent raw material, is the completely hand-processing of the fish, from cleaning to filleting, in order to have the least amount of waste in the fillet and the maximum fleshiness. Even the drying of the anchovies (after maturation under salt) is still artisanal, and takes place at low temperature: the time is much longer but this then allows for a pure anchovy flavour and not salty like industrially produced ones.

The Sanremo sardenaria is known in the rest of the western Ligurian Riviera as Pissalandrea or Pizza all'Andrea, with small differences between one town and another with respect to the ingredients used: there is no certainty as to the origins of this focaccia, probably the recipe derives from a similar focaccia that is produced on the nearby Côte d'Azur; due to the fact that it is called sardenaria, it has also been hypothesised that in the first versions sardines were used instead of anchovies (the name Pissalandrea and Pizza all'Andrea, on the other hand, some people trace it back to a legendary connection with the Admiral of the Genoese Republic Andrea Doria, who is said to have invented it).

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