Tuna fillets in olive oil "Riserva" 195g (glass jar)

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This is Angelo Parodi's premium tuna, the kind caught in the Atlantic Ocean in summer when the flesh is softer.

These are yellowfin tuna fillets preserved in olive oil and packed by hand to preserve the quality and firmness of the freshly processed fish flesh. A great ingredient for quick preparations, always to have in your pantry to take your mind off things. The practical glass jar with cap allows you to store the tuna easily even after opening. This tuna in oil is perfect for preparing condijun and capponadda genovese, the traditional Ligurian salads.

"Angelo Parodi" is a historic Genoese brand founded in 1888 that has been fishing and canning tuna for more than 135 years.

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Tuna fillets in olive oil from the 'Riserva Famiglia Parodi', the line that brings together the finest canned fish from the historic Genoese brand, founded back in 1888.

These are yellowfin tuna fillets from summer fishing off the Atlantic coast, an area rich in quality fish: in summer, tuna meat is softer and firmer; careful processing, such as hand-potting, which prevents the fillets from falling apart during packaging, preserves the original organoleptic characteristics of fresh fish. In this way, you can enjoy tuna fillets with a perfect consistency, which pass the salad test very well while remaining compact.

In Liguria, there are two classic and traditional salads that include tuna in oil among the ingredients. These two typical Ligurian dishes are condijun (or condiglione) and capponadda: condijun is a preparation originally from the Riviera di Ponente (which has more than one point of contact with the salad from Nice on the nearby Côte d'Azur) while capponadda is a Genoese recipe, not to be confused with the Sicilian caponata.

The recipe for Genoese capponadda with tuna fillets from the Riserva Parodi

Ingredients for a salad for 2 persons

- 3 sailor's crackers (gallette del marinaio)
- 1 tablespoon apple vinegar
- 1 garlic clove
- 4 diced tomatoes
- 1 chopped red onion
- 8 capers
- 20 taggiasca olives
- 8 anchovies in oil 
- 195g tuna fillets Riserva Parodi
- a few leaves of fresh basil
- extra virgin olive oil

How to make capponadda genovese

Break up the sailor's biscuits and rub in garlic to give flavour. Leave the pieces of galette with the vinegar and water to soften in a bowl. When the galettes are ready we can start to compose our salad by adding the diced tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, capers and olives; mix to give flavour. Then add the tuna fillets and the anchovies cut in half. Season with a little oil and fresh basil leaves (for those who prefer you can also use oregano), and season with salt. You could also add some mosciame - which is the dried tuna fillet - very thinly sliced at the end, because it is very tasty, but since this is an ingredient that is not always available you can also leave it out of the recipe or replace it with bottarga. However, since capponadda is a salad that should be easy to prepare, it is advisable to use the ingredients that are easiest to find (the sailor's roe is the only essential ingredient). Some, following the family recipe, also put in boiled eggs. The capponadda can also be prepared hours in advance, e.g. in the morning for lunch.

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