Portuguese sardines in olive oil 125g (tin can)

Marca: Angelo Parodi
Reference: FB0065
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"Angelo Parodi" is a historic company in Genoa, founded in the Ligurian main city more than 135 years ago: this brand has always represented the best of the city's fish entrepreneurship, a pioneering enterprise that pioneered the first modern fish canning methods.

The Portuguese sardines of the premium 'Riserva Famiglia Parodi' are processed fresh, by hand at the place of fishing. The sardine (or sardine) is an oily fish rich in omega-3.

Their rich flavour goes well with the versatility of potatoes, and they are excellent together in a cold salad or to make meatballs (fried or baked) flavoured with garlic and parsley. Sardines in oil are ideal for seasoning pasta, flavoured with even a little fresh tomato, a few olives and some fennel.

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Size and weight 125 g
Price per kilogram 20€
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