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Cuttlefish ink packaged without preservatives or colouring agents!

A natural product to bring the unique flavour of the sea to the table. An easy-to-use ingredient, perfect for pasta and risottos, just a few teaspoons of this cuttlefish ink is enough to create sauces that, in addition to their delicate taste, give the dish a pleasant scenic effect. Cuttlefish ink is excellent for natural colouring of doughs, e.g. to make fish ravioli, two-coloured black and white. Cuttlefish ink is used together with seafood ingredients such as crustaceans and molluscs. It goes very well in contrast with chilli: the spiciness opens the taste buds and allows us to perceive all the delicate notes of cuttlefish ink.

Want to know more about how to use cuttlefish ink? Read the description below.

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This squid ink is packaged in a handy jar, with no preservatives or colouring agents added. A seafood ingredient immediately ready to use to give colour and a unique flavour to your dishes.

This cuttlefish ink from Angelo Parodi is natural, so it is perfect to use as you like. Cuttlefish ink is used in cooking above all for first courses, the most famous of which are certainly spaghetti with cuttlefish ink and risotto with cuttlefish ink. This ingredient is used to give a genuine taste of the sea and colour, an unprecedented and imaginative tone to the recipe, transforming the final result with just a few teaspoons. 

"Angelo Parodi" is a company founded in Genoa in 1888 that has been carrying on the Ligurian tradition of artisanal fishing and fish preservation for more than 135 years.

How is ready-made cuttlefish ink used?

The natural packaged cuttlefish ink on sale on our website is ready-made and is used to enhance the typical flavour of the sea and fish or in contrast, even colour. It has a dense consistency, just a teaspoon is enough to achieve the desired result, and it dissolves easily so you can also have your cuttlefish ink in liquid form.

Cuttlefish ink pasta

Cuttlefish ink can be used for pasta sauces (spaghetti, linguine or trenette), adding a few teaspoons of cuttlefish ink to tomatoes, or other seafood ingredients to shore up the iodine taste, such as shellfish and crustaceans: we suggest, for example, cuttlefish ink spaghetti with prawn tartare. You can also add fresh, richly fragrant herbs such as marjoram, basil or parsley. A contrast worth trying is certainly that with chilli pepper which, with its spicy thrust that stimulates the taste buds, allows us to appreciate the squid ink more fully, amplifying all the delicate notes and scents of the sea.

Egg pasta and fresh pasta with squid ink

Pasta offers endless creative possibilities, be it egg pasta or plain water and flour pasta. One of the most fascinating options is certainly to enrich both the colour and the flavour of the dough with the addition of squid ink. Here are some ideas on how to use squid ink pasta:

Tagliatelle or Spaghetti alla chitarra: These pasta shapes can be enriched with cuttlefish ink and then combined with a delicious legume and seafood soup. The contrast of colours and flavours will make the dish really special.

Maltagliati: This pasta, thanks to its rustic and irregular appearance, is perfect for seafood dishes. You can use it to enrich a fish or seafood soup for an original touch.

Ravioli: If you love making homemade ravioli, you can experiment with a fish filling and use squid ink pasta for a unique look and taste.

Gnocchetti: These small gnocchi can be prepared with the addition of squid ink and then used in a traditional dish such as pasta and beans with mussels. The taste of the sea will blend harmoniously with the dish. It is also a good idea to prepare halves flavoured with cuttlefish ink and others with white potatoes, or other colours.

It is important to keep one key aspect in mind during preparation: adjusting the amount of liquid, be it egg or water, to be added to the mixture. Squid ink naturally contains a certain amount of water, so you need to factor this into your calculation. In this way, you will achieve a perfect consistency for your squid ink pasta.

Keep in mind that the flavour of the squid ink in this case does not dominate the dish, but adds an evocative aftertaste that is released during chewing, making each bite a unique experience. Cuttlefish ink pasta is a versatile and fascinating choice to elevate your culinary repertoire.

Cuttlefish ink buns

When you decide to prepare dough for delicious buns and sandwiches at home with the intention of accompanying seafood delicacies such as salmon burgers or tuna tartare, there is a truly fascinating way to give the dough a touch of colour and unique flavour: use squid ink.

To achieve this, you should follow your favourite bread recipe and make a small but significant change. During the step where you mix the liquid ingredients with the dry ones, add a few teaspoons of squid ink. Keep in mind that you will have to be careful about the amount of salt to be added, as the squid ink will add a touch of flavour to the dough, thus avoiding over-salting.

This small addition will not only give your bread a fascinating colour, but also a flavour and aroma reminiscent of the sea. It is a perfect choice to further elevate your dining experience when it comes to gourmet fish burgers.

Cuttlefish ink risotto

Slow cooking is a technique that can really bring out the wonderful flavour of cuttlefish ink. At the same time, the rice, with its ability to slowly absorb the broth during cooking, contributes to the dish's rich and enveloping flavour. Here's how to prepare a delicious squid ink risotto dish.

Start by preparing a finely chopped onion and parsley stalks, which will be wilted in a frying pan with a generous drizzle of olive oil, together with the cuttlefish, precisely chopped into small pieces. Allow these ingredients to flavour slowly, releasing their aromas.

Next, toast the rice in the scented olive oil until it becomes slightly translucent. At this point, deglaze it with white wine, preferably dealcoholised, to add a note of freshness and complexity to the dish. Preparation continues by gradually adding fish or vegetable stock to the rice, as required by your recipe. Halfway through cooking, it is time to incorporate the squid ink previously dissolved in a ladle of stock. This step will add an intriguing colour to the risotto and intensify its unique flavour.

Continue cooking until the rice is al dente and the liquid has been almost completely absorbed. Finally, whip the risotto with a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, which will give the dish an irresistible creaminess. Your cuttlefish ink risotto will be ready to delight your senses with its deep, enveloping flavour.

To garnish, colour and decorate

Garnishing and au gratin can really transform your fish dish, giving it both visual impact and extraordinary flavour. Here are some ideas on how to use cuttlefish ink to enrich these preparations.

Sauces: In addition to sauces, cuttlefish ink can be used to create sauces with which to accompany fried fish, grilled fish, boiled fish and other seafood main courses. It goes perfectly with citrus and sour flavours. We recommend trying it to prepare mayonnaise or squid ink vinaigrette. These sauces are great as a condiment and dipping sauce, plus they look great and give a stunning colour effect on the plate. 

Breadcrumbs: To achieve an eye-catching colour effect and intensify the flavour of a fried fish or fish patty, squid ink is an excellent choice. To make cuttlefish ink breadcrumbs, beat an egg white together with the ink vigorously, distributing the colour evenly. Next, dip your chosen fish into the mixture before tossing it in breadcrumbs. Alternatively, for an even bolder look, you can directly mix the breadcrumbs with the squid ink. This method uses the moisture induced by the breadcrumbs to adhere to the surface of the preparation. Choose recipes that require quick frying or baking for best results.

For gratin: For a delicious gratin with no added cooking fat, such as in the case of baked salmon fillets or white fish, you can use squid ink to emphasise the flavour and vary the visual appearance. Prepare the gratin mixture by mixing breadcrumbs with the squid ink, together with finely chopped parsley, a clove of garlic and a touch of chilli. The moisture in the breadcrumbs will help to adhere to the fish fillet, preventing it from drying out too much during cooking. It will also give the dish an additional marine flavour, as well as a charming colourful appearance.

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