Homemade Violet syrup 25cl
Homemade Violet syrup 25cl
  • Homemade Violet syrup 25cl
  • Homemade Violet syrup 25cl

Homemade Violet syrup 25cl

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Violet syrup is perfect for flavouring drinks and desserts, for creating sorbets, ice creams or slushies. It is an excellent refresher diluted with water or in a glass of white wine, it can be chosen as a special ingredient for refined cocktails, but can also be used to flavour tea and hot drinks.

Violet syrup is obtained by naturally infusing the petals in water. The recipe follows the traditional Genoese practice of flower syrups (the most famous being rose syrup) using only a few natural ingredients: violet petals, water, untreated lemon slices and sugar; no artificial flavourings or colourings. Syrup made from fresh petals picked in the morning from the farm's grounds.

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Dalpian violet syrup is made according to the traditional recipe for flower petal syrups typical of Genoa (the most famous of these is rose syrup). Viola syrup is made from fresh petals that are left to infuse for 24 hours in water and lemon (slices of untreated citrus fruit), then the resulting liquid is concentrated by placing it on a low heat and adding sugar until the desired syrup consistency is reached. The recipe involves only these simple steps and for this reason the raw material must be of the highest quality: artificial flavourings or colourings are absolutely forbidden, this syrup is 100% natural.

Violet syrup is ideal if you are in the mood for something refreshing and fragrant, simply dilute it with fresh water for a thirst-quenching drink. It is also great for creating new cocktails or to perfume your aperitif, to be added to a glass of white wine. It also has balsamic properties and is therefore perfect for flavouring tea, herbal teas and hot drinks when you have a cough or sore throat.

Violet syrup is used in confectionery and ice cream making, to make cakes and desserts, to flavour ice cream, sorbets and slushies. It is also used to sweeten white yoghurt and fruit salad.

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