The Molo modo21 online store is primarily aimed at lovers of Genoese cuisine through the sale of Ligurian products.

However, it will not give up gastronomic sorties outside the region and overseas because our "being Genoese" does not stop at the typicality of products but we intend to embody to the fullest the true spirit of the city. Genoa has been a land of trade, exchange and contamination for centuries, thanks to its merchants who made it queen of the Mediterranean by tracing routes that connected it with faraway places, cultures and flavors. For this reason, anything and everything has always been found in the stores of the historic center, so much so that among the Genoese an expression has become in use to emphasize that when out of town, one discovers a well-stocked store, namely "gh'è de tutto còmme a Zena" (meaning: there is just about everything like in Genoa). And at the end of the day, that is what we are aiming for: that you too can finally say with pride about your table... gh’è de tutto còmme a zena!


Mrs. Alfonsina's pesto, world champion at age 85.

It's Saturday, March 29, 2014, and Alfonsina Trucco-the mother of one of the founders of the trattoria Cavour modo21-graduates as the world champion of Genoese pesto al mortaio at the age of 85, beating out all the competition with her all-time recipe and using the family's historic mortar (the story goes that Garibaldi's daughter ate pesto made in that mortar).
Mrs. Alfonsina, with her teachings, has over time created a small team of master pesto makers who still keep her family recipe alive, and so Alfonsina Trucco's Genoese pesto is the one that, to this day, you can enjoy both in our establishments, in Genoa, and in your home with Molo modo21 shipping.


The meaning behind our e-commerce name.

For those in Genoa, " dock" defines not only a building that extends out to the sea, a place of meeting and exchange; by this name, the Molo, in Genoa we identify a precise area of the city that has been its beating heart for centuries. The area takes its name precisely from the old dock, which was built in the 13th century when there was a need to expand the ancient natural peninsula of the port.

With the consequent urban development, that part of the oldest part of the city that extended from the first settlement on the hill of Castello to the sea and encompassed all the places of city power, and which today corresponds to a large part of the Old Town, took this name. Both our historic trattoria Cavour modo21 and the e-commerce warehouses from where your orders leave are both located in this corner of Genoa rich in charm and tradition.

BECAUSE modo21

The way of being that identifies us is also our brand.

"Being modo21" is resilience, heart, a bit of magic, determination, imagination, friendship, inclusion, trust, respect, friendship, loyalty... but also some arguments, some grumbling and some "beo" (shouting in Genoese) and more... When the Genoese trattoria Cavour 21 was born, we started from its house number, 21, and then discovered that "the number 21 is linked to positivity, creativity and enthusiasm. From a spiritual and esoteric point of view, the number 21 is a sign of progress and success. The number 21 has to do with unity, fulfillment and happiness...." This gave rise to the modo21 brand. The added value of modo21 is found in the emotional climate it aims to convey. modo21 customers taste and feel and sometimes participate in the energy that flows from this way of being, this flavor of everyday living in a serene and productive way.
The modo21 brand includes local trattorias in Genoa, the production of traditional Ligurian specialties, and now an e-commerce!